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Boston University, Day3 in Tokyo [International Friendship Games]

投稿日時:2017/06/06(火) 00:55

  The Boston University women's lacrosse team played a game and clinic day on June 3rd.


 Boston University had a scrimage with U22 Women's Japan National Team. It was a good warm-up for them.Some rules are different from USA one.


 Then they gave a clinic for Japanese college players. Both Boston University and Japanese enjoyed the time.Some players using Japanese phrases while teacing.We just amased and were entertained with Americans' skillful stickworks and playstyles.

I can't wait to watch tomorow(June 4th) game!


Text & Photo by Japan Lacrosse Association Liaison Staff, Matsuo
Photo by Japan Lacrosse Association Official Photographer, Hidemitsu Kaito