News (Events Results) 2011/3

U22 Men's Japan (26-27th Mar, Tokyo)

[Other events] 投稿日時:2011/03/30(水) 20:23

U22 Men's Japan National Squad Training was executed from the 26th to the 27th in Tokyo.

At the first day, U22 played game against VALENTIA(2010 Club Championship 1st place).
Team Total Score
U22 Squad 4

Men's U22Men's U22 game

Event:U22 Men's Japan National Squad Training
Date:26-27 March 2011
Venue:Oi-2nd Field/Oi-1st Field, Tokyo

U20 Kanto games (21st Mar, Tokyo)

[Other events] 投稿日時:2011/03/25(金) 19:58

"Women's U20 Kanto of districts games" was held on the 21th.
All games ended though it rained.
U20 Tobu (District of in surrounding Tobu-line) won the 1st place.

Kanto Youth GamesKanto Youth Games

Event:Women's U20 Kanto of districts games 2011 (Tokyo)
Date:19 March 2011
Venue:Komazawa-1st Field, Tokyo
Team:U20 Tobu, U20 Tokyu, U20 Chuo, U20 Odakyu, U20 Joban

U19 Women's Japan (19-21st Mar, Tokyo)

[Other events] 投稿日時:2011/03/24(木) 19:26

U19 Women's Japan National Squad Training was executed from the 19th to the 21st in Tokyo.

At the first day that became the first training after the earthquake, All member offered a silent prayer.
And after confirmation of planning for the world cup, training-program started.

U19 Japan National Squad

Event:U19 Women's Japan National Squad Training
Date:19-21 March 2011
Venue:Oi-2nd Field/Komazawa-1st Field, Tokyo. Yokohama-minatomirai Sportspark, Kanagawa.

NationwideExchangeGames(16-19 Mar,Osaka)

[Other events] 投稿日時:2011/03/23(水) 04:27

"Districts nationwide exchange games 2011 (Osaka)"  was held from the 16th to the 19th.
Though a part of game changed by the influence of the earthquake, 40 team participated and All of the 65games ended.

men's gamewomen's game

Event:Districts nationwide exchange games 2011 (Osaka)
Date:16-19 March 2011
Venue:Maishima-undohiroba Field/Maishima-undohiroba Ground ,Osaka
Team:Men 19teams / Women 21teams

Field Reports(Japanese)
16th March
17th March
18th March
19th March

Photo Gallery(Japanese)

NationwideExchangeGames(11th Mar, Tokyo)

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"Districts nationwide exchange games 2011 (Tokyo)" became discontinuance due to the earthquake from the 12th to the 15th.
A few games on the 23rd were executed.

game in Tokyo/files/photo/1177.jpg

Event:Districts nationwide exchange games 2011 (Tokyo)
Date:11-15 March 2011
Venue:Oi-2nd Field/Komazawa-1st Field/Komazawa-sub Field ,Tokyo
Team:Men 14teams / Women 13teams

Field Reports(Japanese)
11th March