News (Events Results) 2011/7

ASPACs 2011(Japan won Championships)

[Other events] 投稿日時:2011/07/23(土) 04:00

Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championships 2011(ASPACs 2011) held on 3rd-10th July in Auckland.
Japan National Squad won both the Men's and Women's Championships.

Men's JapanWomen's Japan

Men's 1st  Japan U22  Result of APLU: 1st
2nd  Australia U23  Result of APLU: 2nd
3rd  USA West U21  
4th  New Zealand  Result of APLU: 3rd
5th  Australian Laxratz  
6th  Hong Kong  Result of APLU: 4th
Women's 1st  Japan U22  Result of APLU: 1st
2nd  Australia U23  Result of APLU: 2nd
3rd  Kiwi All Starz  
4th  New Zealand U19  Result of APLU: 3rd
5th  Hong Kong  Result of APLU: 4th
6th  South Korea  Result of APLU: 5th
 Link; ASPACs 2011 Official Web-site (match results and points table)


Event:Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championships 2011 (ASPACs 2011)
Organizer: Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union (APLU)
Date: 3-10 July 2011
Venue: College Rifle's Sports Club, Auckland, New Zealand
Teams: NewZealand, Australia, Hong-Kong, Japan, South Korea, and some other teams

Shanghai Cup 2011(4th-5th June,Shanghai)

[International Friendship Games] 投稿日時:2011/07/23(土) 03:32

China Lacrosse Friendship Games 2011 (Shanghai Cup 2011) held on 4th-5th June in Shanghai.
This event was held by China Lacrosse Association Limited, and Japan Lacrosse Association cooperated for this event.


Number of the Participants from each City
Women's 56
Shanghai (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Tongji University) 25 /
Beijing (Beijing Forestry University) 12 / Xi’an (Jiaotong University) 2 /
Hangzhou (Zhejiang University) 3 / Changsha (Hunan University) 1 / and Japan 15
Men's 50
Shanghai (Tongji University) 34 / Beijing (China Agricultural University) 5/
Xi’an (Jiaotong University) 3/ Hangzhou (Zhejiang University) 4 / and Japan 4
4th June (Sat) AM Rules meeting/clinic, Coaching Clinic (Men’s & Women’s)
PM Men’s Mix Game (9 on 9),
Women’s Games / Beijing 1-13 Japan, Shanghai 1-16 Japan
5th June (Sun) AM Men’s Mix Game,
Women’s Games / Beijing 2-1 Shanghai
PM Men’s Mix Game,
Women’s Exhibition Match / China 0-17 Japan

Event:China Lacrosse Friendship Games 2011 (Shanghai Cup 2011)
Host and organizer: China Lacrosse Association Limited
Date: 4-5 June 2011
Venue: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Teams (Players): Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, and some other cities in China