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Info: International Friendship Games2012

[information] 投稿日時:2012/05/28(月) 21:18

International Lacrosse Friendship Games 2012 will be held in June.
Hofstra University(Men's) will participate at Tokyo on June 3rd.
USA Starz(Men's) and West Coast Force(Women's) will participate at Handa on June 23rd, etc.

International Lacrosse Friendship Games 2012Edogawa Athletic Stadium

Event:International Lacrosse Friendship Games 2012
 ・Date:3 June 2012
 ・Venue:Edogawa Athletic Stadium, Tokyo
 ・Team:Hofstra University(Men's), Japan National Squad, etc.

 ・Date:23 June 2012
 ・Venue:Handa Athletic Stadium, Aichi
 ・Team:USA Starz(Men's), West Coast Force(Women's), All Tokai(Men's), All Tokai(Women's)

 ・Date:30 June 2012
 ・Venue:O-i 2nd Field, Tokyo
 ・Team:USA Starz(Men's), West Coast Force(Women's), etc.

 ・release page is here (Japanese)